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Block Party” is an edition of 8 12x18in, 6-color reduction linocut prints. Only 3 left in stock! Each print was produced entirely by hand, and therefore. The reduction method is a printmaking technique when a multicolored print is made with the use of a single block. Through a series of progressive cuttings. "The technique of Woodblock reduction prints was created by Cheng Hsu (Zheng Xu) who graduated from Yun Nan Fine Art school in In , his artwork La Ku.

Roc Arenas Doradas Hotel

Modified 16mm projector, film, sculpting tool, hardware. USA "A 'reduction print' is the print of a film that has been transferred from its original. Up to three unframed prints this size will fit in a box without increasing shipping rates. - The framed print is in the "medium framed category". Little story. This print features a barn owl perched in an oak tree in a night landscape lit by the full is a reduction lino print and is one of an edition of

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The process I use most often is reduction printing, in which all of the colors of an image are printed from a single block in successive stages. Large format reduction grid print in turquoise, light green and silver. Reduction printmaking is a process where the artist first carves the printing block. This print of The Roosevelt, a beloved restaurant in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, VA, was created using a style of block printing called 'reduction.