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Established in , Heat Trace Limited is now one of the world's leading suppliers of electric heat tracing equipment for both process temperature. Electric heating of a water pipeline by self-regulating heating cables. General specifications, isometric drawing, installation drawing. Electrical trace heating. THE ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION. In addition to frost protection, electrical heating systems are becoming increasingly important.

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Heat Tracing Systems, a division of Electrical Engineering Services, is the foremost authority in Ireland in the field of electric surface heating. Raychem Trace Heating UK are approved Raychem trace heating product distributors. Raychem applications include frost protection, temperature maintenance and hot. Heat-Line is an award-winning company that specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced self-regulating heating cables, electrical heat tracing.

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Electrical Trace Heating. RMA Process Procedure. To be able to respond quickly and efficiently to your complaint, please fill out the form you find below. Trace heating cables provide freeze protection and temperature maintenance (or heating) to pipes – commonly referred to as electric heat tracing, surface. Requirements for electrical resistance trace heating and heating device sets. ,Heat tracing cable systems for use in industrial locations.