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Social Media Interview Training. CommCore is on the cutting edge of prep services for today's online and social media live streaming networks and channels. This media interview training course includes key strategies to inform your interactions with reporters as well as interview techniques and the tactical skills. We can focus on Crisis Communications or on any of the topics above for your private media interview training session. Sessions are confidential and only you.

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Media training courses, PR, presentation and interview skills training. Highly experienced trainers who will work with you in small groups, or one to one. Enhanced verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Practical interview experience with a range of realistic scenarios. The psychological and the practical. We help everyone, from people first finding their feet in interviews, public speaking and presentations – to interview veterans who need to take it up a level.

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This ultimate free media training tips guide offers essential media training techniques to help you become a more effective media spokesperson. Media interview training is a must have for executives. My clients refresh this skill yearly. Knowing how to handle journalists helps to. Once you complete the Essential Media course, you have the opportunity to further advance your skills with high level interview practice.