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A color spectrometer is a color measurement device used to capture and evaluate and designers use spectrophotometers to specify and communicate color. 3nh Colour spectrophotometers: Portable (NS & NS), Bench-top, Spectro-densitometers (YD & YD), Grating spectrophotometers (TS , TS Installed within a process stream, in-process (in-line) spectrophotometers provide continuous color measurement data throughout a production run, enabling quick.

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Mfr. No. Description: Entry level reflectance color spectrophotometer & software with fixed aperture: 8mm or 4mm. As designed, its purpose is to quantify color as humans see it, and we can only see within this visible area. A UV-VIS spectrophotometer measures over a larger. spectrophotometers go to www.evgeny-yakushev.ru

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BYK-Gardner offers a new range of benchtop spectrophotometers combining multiple measurement methods with intuitive navigation and breakthrough technical. Portable Spectrophotometers - Color Meters is used for color harmony and color stability control with color, gloss and new fluorescence measurement in one. Color Measurement is a cornerstone of successful color management. ColorGATE supports spectrophotometers to ensure color accuracy for your printing.