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The competitors for Under Armour is Nike which was established in under a different name known as “Blue Ribbon Sports” which was a distributer for a. Industry and Competitive Analysis: Under Armour COURTNEY ELLIS, TRAVIS TEMPEL, CASEY HARVEY, ROBERTO PADILLA. Top 10 Under Armour Competitors and Alternatives · 1. Nike · 2. Adidas · 3. Puma · 4. Fila · 5. Skechers · 6. Asics · 7. Lululemon · 8. Reebok.

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UA and its rivals are in very intense competition to get bigger market share in the sport apparel industry which is projected about billion dollar revenue. Under Armour stays in the competition by having high quality products, and also by signing endorsements deals with major athletes (Owusu, ). By having major. The company's financial resources are very rare, as very few companies succeed in breaking into to this highly matured, competitive and capital intensive.

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Based on its macro and competitive environments, UnderArmour has an abundance of room to grow and opportunities to succeed as a premier athletic shoe and. Revenue analytics + Marketing & Performance Indicators + Competitor Analysis. Company and market share data provide a detailed look at the financial position of Under Armour Inc, while in-depth qualitative analysis will help you.