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In simple terms, an RS connection on a projector, for example, allows you to control the device remotely using a third party interface, such as a Macro Wall. In telecommunications, RS or Recommended Standard is a standard originally introduced in for serial communication transmission of data. The electrical characteristics section of the RS standard specifies voltage levels, rate of change for signal levels, and line impedance. As the original RS.

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Hundreds of communication protocols have been defined to achieve this data exchange You can't directly interface a TTL serial device with an RS bus. From these ideas, the RS standard was born. It specified signal voltages, signal timing, signal function, a protocol for information exchange. Frontline's “RS ComProbe II” – A Portable, Rugged and Easy-to-Use Device for monitoring Asynchronous RS communications. RS ComProbe IITo keep.

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RS Serial Communication Protocol: Working, Specifications & Applications · Baud rate is used to measure the speed of transmission. · Ready to Send (RTS) · In. Learn to control instruments with VB over RS For RS communications, the timing of instrument commands can become an important consideration. Serial communication protocols for data include the RS protocol, which has been used for communication of modems. The MIDI protocol for music and sound.