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Order the Speedfactory Conversion Harness OBD0 MPFI to OBD1 Honda Civic,CRX,Shuttle now at Fullcartuning! Delivered within business days. Honda CRX / Civic (DPFI) Boomslang OBD0 to OBD1 Conversion Harness (DPFI) Manual Transmission & DPFI Plug 'n Play (PnP); OEM Connectors;. Buy ECU Conversion Jumper Harness OBD0 to OBD1 For Honda Civic Acura Integra BES at Wish - Shopping Made Fun.

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Looking for Rywire ECU conversion harness OBD0 MPFI - OBD1 for your Honda Civic 3 Door Hatchback i DOHC? Stop searching! The Harness will allow Honda Civic / CRX, Acura Integra and other OBD0 Honda and Acura to convert over to OBD1. Converting over allows you to use the. Civic/CRX STD & DX models require additional wiring to convert to multi-point injection before using this adapter. OBD1 conversion also requires: OBD1.

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Jumper harness is for the Honda's most common solution to convert the ecu into obd1 board and get it chipped. This conversion jumper harness allows you to. longyue 10set Honda Civic Integra OBD0 to OBD1 Distributor Adaptor Harness Jumper EF DA. Honda Civic OBD0 to OBD1 distributor jumper harness EF DA. hey i am converting to obd1 from obd0 and want to just cut the old harness and splice in the obd1 connectors for the ecu the only thing is i cannot find a pin.