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What makes sweet Italian sausage sweet? Our proprietary blend of anise, fennel, and seasoning that we add to these housemade, hand-twisted. Homemade Sweet Italian Pork Sausage Links. Traditional Italian Sausage made "Old World" style. These Sweet Sausage links are full of flavor with a hint of. No matter what dish you make, sweet Italian sausage can play a tasty starring role. Sausage sandwiches feature it in the lead, of course. But it also blends.

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Don't be deceived by the 'sweet' in the name — this is a traditional Italian sausage, packed with flavor but light on heat. And since our pigs have the. Both sweet and mild refers to the sausages without hot red pepper flakes. The fact they are called sweet Italian sausages doesn't mean they contain sugar. Made from % pork; 75% lean, coarse ground – pre-cooked, just heat and serve, yet just as good as traditional raw Sweet Italian Sausage.

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An Italian dried sweet salami made from fine ground pork and mixed with black peppercorns, salt and garlic seasoning. Thinner and longer in shape. Chef's LIne® Sweet Italian Sausage is a Pat LaFrieda recipe. It's all natural and is great for Italian entrees or an ingredient in soups. Sweet Italian sausage lives up to its name; what you see is exactly what you get. Each bite offers a sweet, salty, delicious blend of pork flavors with.